NB! On November 19th at 1 p.m. the performance is accompanied by movement workshop for participants to try out dancing speculations of your own. More information on the workshop: HERE

Have you ever felt while listening to the radio that you know the lyrics to this song, even though you are only hearing the song for the first time?
Maybe you even hum along and fill unknown gaps with la-la-la-la? It is as if you know somehow you can sing this song, you know the lyrics and the melody.

This can also happen with dance and various movement techniques. They may not be based on personal experience or even reality, but on rumors and imagination.

Many of us have an idea of ​​how bachata or tango work, even though we have never danced them ourselves.

FAKERZ is a production where people on stage allow themselves to be seduced by various dance – faking, hacking, remixing them. They use keywords, rumors, fragments of social media, personal memory and physical imagination.

Fakerzes are interested in the idea of ​​a fictitious middle-something, within which a phenomenon that could be called a “collective body of a dance hacker” could operate freely.

Fakerzes are not interested in authenticity. They don’t know what’s real.
They still don’t know what the body is capable of.
Don’t you know either!