Venus — the hottest planet of our solar system, Earth’s sister and the brightest ever shining star in the sky.

Venus — the goddess of love, sexuality, desire, beauty and victory. Also known as one of the greatest allies of LGBTQI+ and queer agenda.

“” is a contemporary dance performance and an alternative musical focusing on queer and club culture in a post-pandemic world.

Our story begins at the time when the world shuts down and the hero turns to the Internet as a means of escape from home. — a space where one can mask himself into anybody using filters in video rooms and chats, and express what stays hidden at home.

For the queer community, especially for the young, the club culture has become a place to meet similar people, feel free, open and explore themselves. It is especially important for those who lack safety and support form home, often having to face violence or harsh conservatism.

What happens when that other home, that escape has been taken away?

Talented LGBTQI+ youngsters with different backgrounds meet in the performance “”. There will be classical dance, as well as contemporary, exotic pole dance, voguing, elements of drag and performance art and also musicians on the stage.