“Rebel Body Orchestra” is Sveta Grigorjeva’s new performative creation where she continues to study rebellion, revolution and being contra mainstream through the perspective of contemporary body.

…rebel body? Body of a rebel or a body that rebels against its owner, his or her, against the Me. A body that rips itself free as in the dance
disease or the dance mania of Saint Vitus.
What is a rebel body and what is it like? How do we understand ‘rebellion’ during a time where conservative-concerving powers,
religious fanatists and thumb screwdrivers are uprising? How do we meet our bodies in that rebellion? What story does our body want to tell us? Does it have anything to say? Anything to show? How do the bodies of those who have never been performers-dancers but whose bodies started to rebel against their owners behave in a contemporary performing arts piece?

On 22th February a public showing of Rebel Body Orchestra will be presented at Viljandi Koidu Seltsimaja.

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