This year PREMIERE, a platform meant for up and coming choreographers, introduces the debut productions by Sanghoon Lee and Grėtė Šmitaitė. PREMIERE is an international programme that offers professional platform to choreographers for their first full-length dance performance.

Grėtė Šmitaitė ‘What Do I Cry For?’

a heart stays open and one sometimes wants more than enough

a load and a burst
a load and a burst
a load and a burst and a something

Sanghoon Lee ‘It Is Still Impossible…’

‘It is Still Impossible to Exist at Two Places at Once’ experiments to be aware of the gap in between two opposites; right and left, inside and outside, action and reaction, or 0 and 1 in mathematical binary system. Body does not stay on the one side of concept. It exists by the feelings of shaking, judgment about what is right and wrong, identity in society and identity as oneself.

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“For crying out loud” 26.03.2019 Kerli Ever

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