This performance asks: “How would I like to present myself as an artist? What if I will not be capable of verbally communicate the meaning of my creation? How to market and interpret art that is based on wordless intuition?”
Joanna Kalm is this performance.
This performance relates to the following concepts: artist as a product and art as a product, and asks: “Which of those two should gain more attention?”
This performance relates to essive and translative cases and declinable words such as sieves and travelstain.
This performance is yearning for move further than presentation, definition and cultivated image.
This performance is this performance.
is Pergiman Forence/ thormance isper
liver force trance endorsed
Free action?
Free crea

Joanna Kalm is an artist, whose activities and interests include choreography, photography and blogging. She has graduated from the Tallinn University with a BA in Choreography and from the London Contemporary Dance School, with a PG diploma. Joanna sees herself as a shy expressionist who likes to disturb and disrupt the habitual flow of life with absurdity and juxtaposition. She enjoys finding artistic potential and value from unexpected sources, be it her grandmother’s wardrobe, someone’s ‘too’ energetic personality, or trash on sidewalks. As for now, she is drawn to live art in public spaces and creating new environments for self-expression.