Body Shift Body

Fibrils are pulsating as the impulses move along the maze of connective tissue. Inner and outer spaces meet. Is the air touching You or are You touching the air? Am I coming closer to You or going further from myself?

The starting point of the performance is the ability and movement of the body, which has the potential to broaden and shift the physical perception and awareness. Performance as a multisensorial unit, dialog.

Maarja Tõnisson is a freelance danceartist. She graduated from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy, BA Dance Arts, and studied at Berlin University of Arts (HZT). Lately dealing mostly with somatic practices and improvisation within it, she is interested in body systems, anatomical poetry and natural intelligence of the body. Dance and perfrorming arts overall, for her, is a medium for freeing the mind and emotions.