PREMIERE, a platform for newcomers to contemporary dance, will present the debut productions of Ingrid Mugu and Allar Valge this year.
PREMIERE is a series debut for directors, offering a professional platform for choreographers to create their first movement-based production.
Ingrid Mugu’s “Burning” and Allar White’s “Love me Tinder” productions will premiere on the Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava as part of the choreographer’s debut series PREMIERE on June 2, 2021.

Ingrid Mugu “Burning” 

A human is a lifelong learner. First you learn to crawl, then walk, then dance, talk and tie shoelaces. Human learns how to be polite, how human relationships work, how to drive a car, how to cope in life. In a success-oriented world, however, results are expected at some point. Those who do not show their achievements will be left behind or excluded. Why not learn to value the process, the road, the development again? Ingrid Elsa Mugu’s production “Burning” examines the feelings, sensations and thoughts of the person in the process of learning, as well as the “something” that motivates and pushes us back and that at the moment becomes burning out.

Ingrid combines flamenco-esthetics and canons, electroacoustic music and modern movement language. The dancer’s companion on stage is bata de cola (dress with a slipper). She is a helpful partner and an antagonist, she is the tip of the mountain to cross and the abyss to fall into. Perfection and imperfection go hand in hand.

Ingrid Mugu (1996) is a dance teacher, choreographer and dancer who graduated from the TLÜ in Choreography in 2019. He has been a teacher of the dance ensemble Sõleke for 7 years and has been involved in flamenco dance for the same time. Through folk dance and flamenco, she balances two poles within himself: domestic and already familiar and unknown, longing for excitement. She has participated in several different flamenco workshops in both Estonia and Spain and is a member of the ArteFlamenco studio performance group.
So far, her work has mostly dealt with the inner world of a human – what she feels; what, how much and how it affects its operation; what are the different situations in which a person may find himself.

Allar Valge “Love me Tinder” 

hey are not rich or poor, happy or on the cliff, intelligent or idiots. They are always average. It is happiness and misfortune at the same time. Being average is comfortable and safe, but if the standards are unacceptably high, stupid things will inevitably happen.

Allar Valge’s production “Love me Tinder” offers a situation of modern life, where real and virtual life are closely intertwined and dreams and reality in a painful curve.

After graduating from the choreography department of Tallinn University in 2018, Allar Valge (1996) has participated as a dancer in the productions of several theaters and associations (Estonia Theater, Russian Drama Theater, Fine5 Dance Theater) in revue, dance, opera and drama productions. In addition, she has experience as a step and swing dancer. He has also been involved in a number of special projects for both the camera and the immediate audience. As a choreographer, Allar Valge has been associated with the Estonian Theater’s production “Little Red Riding Hood” and the Vanemuine Theater ‘production “Memory”. As an independent director, Allar still searches for his place and touches the boundaries of the stage, himself and the audience. “Love me Tinder” is his first professional dance performance.