There is a spectator and spectacle and in between there is always something.

There is giving and receiving and in between there happens always something.

There is expectation and reality and in between there is always something.

Nothing is more important right now than what you are reading at the moment. Moreover, when this something is trying to reach to the target using different senses.

Performance with subtitles investigates situations where the performer is in between the audience and performance. Does attention have a direction? Subtitle is an interpreter, mediator, helper, interferer, distractor between the habit and harmony. Despite the role, it is important to be constantly present. Synchronisation is a sign of an era, where there is no time nor reason to doubt in translation processes. Informativeness has won over beauty. You only need a moment when sight stops on the endless sequence of text.

If the performer gets attention, it’s a victory; subtitle has it by default.

My nature is connection.

My nature is clarity.

My nature is explanation.

Reading/observing/analysing/thinking: therefore I am present.