„Obsession“ is a sleek technological theatre performance. Machine that has born as an object is been put into a state of subject. With this unwillingly coincides its personification, though it occurs without childish attempt to directly imply human values to it. Machine is a machine. I constructed this machine seven years ago. He has no name yet. From the very beginning I have identified him through his function. His functions have always proceeded from his technical working principles and been part of a bigger system. Throughout seven years of my oeuvre, he has been a character representing all the dystopias of technophobes, worried that the machine might take the labour from humans. Yes, all this could have been done by a human. But it was the machine instead, not getting a single penny for it. His body feeds on 900W of electricity, gravity – that is a free resource so far and has 70 litres of tap water in its veins. I do not consider him equal – as a replacement to human. I gave him life, yet he owes me nothing. Neither the other way round. Now we are on stage, us two. There would be no “you” without me and this performance without you. Do not get cheesy! There is nothing sentimental in here, flesh is meeting steel.