“In Between” discusses the ethical and philosophical border lines of humanity, more specifically abortion and euthanasia, through a solo dance theatre piece.

Movement and dramatic language rices from the history of humanity as well as current political human perceptions. The piece wants to unintentionally violate everybody’s experience of the world equally. The whole presentation aims to ask: What is a human being? When is a human being? Why is human being? And who decides?

Abortion and Euthaniasia are two heavy and important topics. One of them are common practice in northern Europe and one of them is still taboo even though they share similarities. Because of the seriousness of the matter, we strongly believe in comedy and community. We aim not to give any obvious answers but to lift and make fun and disagree with every aspect of the subjects.

We would like to invite you over for coffee, buns and to see our performance about abortion and euthanasia and all that is in between. After the performance there will be an after talk with the moderators. The sharing will be in English and Estonian.

Humanity-ish is an art group consisting of the visual artist Maijariitta Karhulahti, dance artist Hanna Kahrola, choreographer and director Fuji Hoffmann and producer Meiju Mertanen. Humanity-ish wishes to lift difficult subjects in a light way.