GENESIS is a world of constant creation. Every moment is the beginning. We witness something that can only potentially be brought into the realm of form and movement through the language of dance and composition. In this creative space dreaming and “being here and now” exist as parallel realities and the individual experience blends in with the collective consciousness.

GENESIS is a dance project created by choreographer Mala Kline in 2015. It has been created together with dancers Loup Abramovici, Tomislav Feller, Jasmina Križaj, Andrius Mulokas as the original cast of performers. Florence Augendre consulted the project as movement assistant. On the theme of GENESIS and in cooperation with four Estonian dancers and choreographers Mala Kline will recreate this work as “GENESIS remixed” – an improvisational project based on specific practice of dreaming in movement and real-time composition.

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