Summer production by Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, Fotografiska and Telliskivi Loomelinnak.

Why do people often get struck by a sudden passion to build and create something new? Like a supernatural pull towards a material that can easily become addictive. There is nothing more intoxicating than the smell of fresh wood. It attracts, mesmerizes and hypnotizes you. To build a house, a garden, a sauna, a barn, a porch, a chair, a staircase. The list seems never-ending. When everything is finished, all that’s left is to place a garden gnome in just the right corner of the garden, who will keep an eye on your every success and failure. Who will praise or condemn you.

The dance production GARDEN GNOME  is a fascinating love story about construction. At the heart of the story, is a mysterious Garden Gnome, who shares backwards instructions on how to construct through his own personal radio show, GnomeFM, as well as music to build in rhythm to. This turn of events causes the mythical hero to become a trickster dictator, hidden behind a grotesque mask. The production examines social aspirations and common thought patterns. Is constant construction a success or a silently approaching decline and destruction? GARDEN GNOME is a sequel to the dance production ”How To Build A Garden Gnome” – the knowledge of the previous production is not necessary in this context. The performance is open to all ages!