Techno practice is a dance practice that celebrates a collective activity, the power of convention and the dancer’s mastery of their body through the music. It’s done in a group, to loud music, and with great effort. Techno Praxis workshop is a dance ritual, that brings techno club-dance out from the club environment to a workshop space and tries to look at it as a training system, dance practice and it’s state of mind all together.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to grasp the feeling of a techno party while also experiencing the culture surrounding the techno/dance music scene. All are welcome – experienced ravers, dancers and non-dancers and any one who wouldn’t normally dance to this music.

Üüve-Lydia Toompere is a freelance dance artist, whose current processes and ideas are involved with the techno music scene and dance art taking into account the club dance culture of Berlin and our own home Estonia. Currently residing as a dancer artist in Berlin, techno has become a local interest for her that has been inherited straight from the source. This is her interpretation of the folkdance, music, customs, games and intricacies of Berlin. Techno Praxis is the first public undertaking towards these ideas.