Techno Praxis is a club dance practice that celebrates collective activity, the power of convention and the dancer’s mastery of their body through the music. It’s done in a group, to techno loud music, and with great effort. Dancing techniques are not taught in this workshop, because everyone knows best how they like to dance the most. Instead, we’re looking at what else could happen on the dance floor. How to notice a friend or stranger next to you and what this situation does to us. Techno is often used to get lost alone, this time we try to do it all together. Within an hour and a half, we will focus on collectivity.

This workshop is for anyone who wants to grasp the feeling of a techno party while also experiencing the culture surrounding the techno/dance music scene. All are welcome – experienced ravers, dancers and non-dancers and any one who wouldn’t normally dance to this music.

Üüve-Lydia Toompere is a freelance choreographer, performer and director. Her work is often based on community research, and she explores how people see themselves and others in different social situations and what are the mechanisms that shape people’s patterns of opinion and movement. In addition, Toompere works as a communication strategist at Havas agency. She lives in Berlin, where her interest in techno began.

Listen to a sample playlist of Techno Praxis to get inspired!