This workshop is for dance professionals and dance teachers on dance perception and expression of very young audiences. The workshop will include methodology presentation, observation of baby dance class and discussions. The methodology is grounded on the long-term research of choreographer and dance education researcher Birute Baneviciute and introduces an approach to sustainable interaction between a child and adult in dance.

The focus is on children of 02 years when first movement experiences can be guided to a natural and sustainable way of dance perception and expression. Observation of dance class for babies of 814 months allows professionals to observe the methodology in practise. The dance class itself contains guided process where babies explore basic elements of dance, movements and objects which induce movements of different qualities. These activities lead children into dance world cognition and development of imagination, creativity as well as coordination, balance and fine motor skills. Adults will find out how babies understand dance and how they express their understanding. The class is implemented by no verbal instructions for babies. Adults are invited to give time and space for children’s decision and expression and learn how to notice and read children’s reactions which in early age are not verbal, but kinesthetic. Discussions will open for participants to exchange experiences and insights.

Dansema dance theater is known for its leading role in dance performances for young audience in Lithuania. It is the first professional theater, which by the initiative of the award-winning choreographer and artistic director Birute Baneviciute started to create dance performances for children in Lithuania. Since it was established in 2007 Dansema has toured in 29 countries. Since 2012 Dansema focuses on dance productions for babies of 0-3 years. Dansema performances are nominated and awarded by the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture as the best children performances of the year.

Workshop teachers:

Giedre Subotinaite is a well-known choreographer, dancer and dance teacher with more than 15 years of the experience in working with and for children. She has participated in almost all Dansema performances for children and is the co-choreographer of most of them. Since 2008 she is the general manager of Dansema dance theater. Giedre graduated from Lithuanian Music and Theater Academy with Master’s degree in dance and acting. Together with Birute Baneviciute, Giedre contributed to the development of the method of early dance experience development for babies of 814 months and for children with various abilities (Down syndrome, Autism, etc.). Since 2014 she has been working with neurodiverse children in special Vilnius Silo school. Giedre has been teaching workshops and seminars for children and professionals nationally and internationally (Ukraine, China, UAE, Palestine, etc).

Mantas Stabacinskas is award-winning choreographer and dancer, participating in Dansema performances for children since 2012. With Dansema Mantas has toured in more than 20 countries worldwide. Mantas for long years danced with Aura dance company from Kaunas, has graduated from Lithuanian University of Educational Sciences and also holds a diploma in dance education. Mantas is known in Lithuania for working with people with different abilities and neurodiversity, initiating projects with them, creating performances with and for them. Mantas is a certificated teacher of Birute Baneviciute method in teaching baby dance classes, he has been giving workshops and seminars for children and professionals nationally and internationally (Ukraine, Singapore, China, Hong Kong, UAE, Palestine, etc).