Movement workshop: Techno Praxis is meant for those who are activated by music, especially electronic music. Techno Praxis – a practice of club dance in its essence – deals with the basic principles of movement like bounce, flow, groove, style, attitude, relation to the others in room, division of energy and state.

This Techno Praxis is an experiment where during the 3-hour dance session together with a DJ. The participants stay in different tempo each hour: 120 BPM during the first hour, 130BPM during the next, 140BPM during the last. After the session there will be a feedback and discussion where particiapnts share their thoughts about their experience and where staying together in one tempo can lead to.

We study whether staying in one tempo can be detaining, freeing or meditative? What states can it create and what happens with our thoughts in different states? Can the tempo be more convenient to one and not the other? When does the movement become state and what states does the collaboration between bodies and music create?

Techno Praxis is led by Üüve-Lydia Toompere, a freelance dance artist. Her creations and ideas move in parallel with the techno-music scene as well as dance art while studying the club dance culture in Berlin (her current hometown) and Estonia.

Music will be selected by DJ Kevin Park.


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