“In the upcoming movementSEASON we will be moving in the synergy of the body and senses. Using a somatic approach we give space for authentic movement and practice of presence. I wish to create and offer an open platform for the birth of new experiences, for being aware of the moment and for sharing our bodily existences with others.

This is the time we think with our bodies.
This is the space to be together.
This is the energy, which creates

Every meeting will consist of a common warm up, improvisation session and a reflective feedback.
Keywords for sensing what is coming: breathing, sensitivity, inner voice, therapeutic effect, somatics, presence, improvisation.”
Tatjana Romanova (born 1988) holds an MA in choreography from Tallinn University and is the laureate of Mait Agu dance stipend. Currently working as a dancer in Fine5 Dance Theater in Tallinn and as a teacher of contemporary dance, somatic movement and as facilitator of improvisation sessions. She has practiced various dance styles, participated in workshops both in Estonia and abroad, and had additional training in Helsinki Theater Academy.

The program is coordinated and curated by dance artist Joanna Kalm.
“I am a freelance choreographer and performer. And I have one pleasant wish, habit and interest – to move and to create.
Fortunately there are others with similar longings!
Furthermore, I enjoy getting acquainted with how other people do it: what are the ideas, philosophies, research questions various dance and performance artists are working with/on, what makes them tick and move.
The dream is us coming together and sharing knowledge on regular basis. This time and space will become a connective tissue between us. As a result freshly seasoned movements shall grow in our movement(land)scape.
We wish to give the opportunity to new and mature artists to develop and share their practices.
So that movement can rise, creativity blossom, and the root of dance and theatre arts be strong and deep.
This is movementSEASON.