“As a contemporary dance practitioner I am interested in the way the body relates to the ground, as well as is the economic and compact use of the body. I work with different movement qualities and energies, and with the body’s ability to use them and change inbetween those qualities and energies effectively – how to move quick and strong, yet be soft and graceful? Recently there is additionally an interest towards oppositions and ‘breaking’ habitual movement – to surprise the body with errors when least expected.”
Joonas Tagel is a graduate of dance art from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy. He has spent a year studying in Germany (Palucca Hochschule für Tanz, Dresden) and has had further professional development mainly from Germany and Austria. He has worked as a dancer and performer both in Estonia and abroad. As a freelance dance artist he teaches, performs and choreographs. He is currently teaching contemporary dance at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy.

The program is coordinated and curated by dance artist Joanna Kalm.
“I am a freelance choreographer and performer. And I have one pleasant wish, habit and interest – to move and to create.
Fortunately there are others with similar longings!
Furthermore, I enjoy getting acquainted with how other people do it: what are the ideas, philosophies, research questions various dance and performance artists are working with/on, what makes them tick and move.
The dream is us coming together and sharing knowledge on regular basis. This time and space will become a connective tissue between us. As a result freshly seasoned movements shall grow in our movement(land)scape.
We wish to give the opportunity to new and mature artists to develop and share their practices.
So that movement can rise, creativity blossom, and the root of dance and theatre arts be strong and deep.
This is movementSEASON.