MovementSEASONs are morning gatherings taking place once a month during one week, where professional dance and performance artists share their experience with advanced dancers and creators, in order to better themselves and their bodies. The aim of the SEASON is to facilitate dialogue within the field of dance and performance art, and to make way for the growth of knowledge

“Building of house of no hope” will be a sharing or unraveling of my last solo work, “House of no hope”. The piece itself is dancing to music, defeated with all hope gone.
Dancing as regaining agency and not buckling under.
It might also be about giving up or charging.
It is a place where people (=dancers) spend time being in relation to the systems that take away and narrow, where we can exist with one sentiment.
Even if most of it sounds angsty and grim it is not only that, I promise.”

Mira Kautto is a Helsinki based dancer/performer/choreographer. She has recently worked with and around themes of hopelessness and failing.
She approaches dancing in front of people as a constant reconsidering and finds performing ultimately perverse.
Mira makes solo works, as well as works as a performer for and with other artists, and is a part of a dance outfit ‘immigrants and animals’ which is based between Helsinki and London.

mover > mover > move now, because later it might be too late