Movement workshop: Queerness in movement is a workshop where we dive into the relationships between movement, body and sexuality and discover the queerness that lies within us all. We learn how to find, own and celebrate one’s own peculiarities through movement exercises from both the world of contemporary dance and vogue. In the first half of the workshop, we focus on inward energy, knowing and trusting our own body through improvisation exercises.
In the second half, we focus on performance topics, directing our energy outwards – getting to know the culture through vogue / ballroom, getting acquainted with different categories and their rules, including lip-sync performance!

All open-minded movement enthusiasts and queer culture enthusiasts are welcome, so don’t be afraid if this is your first contact with a dance class! The idea is to provide a safe and inspiring space for people who want to practice together, learn something new and reunite with their beauty, talent and sexuality.

The principles of movement presented in the workshop have been applied in Rene Köster’s new production

The workshop will be held by Rene Köster, who has been part of the Estonian dance scene since 2005, when he started teaching at the Prodance dance center and was also partly behind its artistic direction. In addition, he became acquainted with club and LGBTQ culture at a very young age and is still an active player in these communities. Performance art, dance, DJ work, music production and event management have shaped his relationship with the creative process. Rene is not afraid to play with the darker side of sexuality, gender and club culture. Much of it is related to and stems from vogue and drag culture, but also from club music, the fetish and dark room world, and club-kid aesthetics.

“I hope that when you leave the workshop, you will be full of confidence, love and positivity for yourself and the whole world and for the current state of us all, and ready to share it with others!” – Rene


PS: “” performance + Movement workshop: Queerness in movement can also be purchased as a joint ticket, which gives the opportunity to visit both events.

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