What is your natural body, state, movement?
And what would an inorganic body, nature and dance look like?

“For the last 2-3 years I have been interested in dance as a different technological mix. Contemporary dance has brought me deep into the natural matter of my body that moves according to the desires, needs, interests of personal flesh, in my own rhythm. to rise in dialogue with my body with five senses – I ‘listened’ to the breathing of my cell and felt the dance inside.
In the workshop, we compare the organic nature of the movement of the body and movement to the possible artificiality and mechanicality. We experiment with various motion dance techniques such as isolation, waving, popping, ticking, slow and quick motion, and bring them into dialogue with personal movement language. Let’s work together to find answers to the questions, what is artificial movement? and what happens to our being when mechanical thinking enters the body? ”

The workshop will provide a safe and supportive environment where you can reconnect with the core of your body and movement and experiment creatively with its possible artificial versions.
Everyone who is interested in their movement and the nature of dance is welcome!

Joanna Kalm is a dance artist, researcher and dancer for the last 14 years of her life. She graduated from BA University of Applied Sciences with a BA in Choreography, a diploma program from the London School of Contemporary Dance, and is currently pursuing a MA in Anthropology at the University of Tartu, where she is studying dance and creative practice. At the moment she is in the practice of moving around the border of modern and street dance. He is also a co-curator of the Dance Space. Joanna is also in the STL’s research residency program.