Movement workshop for families is a playful collective co-existence for the whole family. Using a new secret language – movement – allows every participant to tell their story. Families (parents and children from age 4) willing to explore each other and their surroundings are welcome in the workshop.

In the workshop, participants learn to discover and create communication situations through movement. They can try out different possibilities of dancing together. In addition to people, balls, instruments, stools, mats and other stuff are included into the movement. Attentiveness and preparedness in a playing situation are trained. Following each other creates a choreography that can be danced all together.

The workshop is a part of research for ZUGA’s new production that features children, parents and their co-existence. The material created in the workshop is the starting point of the production.

The workshop is led by the members of ZUGA: a group of dancers and choreographers who are binded by the search for harmony through play. Their performances have got a lot of recognition and attention and travelled through the world.

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