Movement Workshop: Discovering is a time to share your experiences and thoughts on theater and movement, to relax and enjoy the movement!

The workshop will be held by Ursel Tilk, one of the creators of Between Dreams and Drowning, co-produced by Paide Theater and STL. Ursel Tilk is an actor at Paide Theater and does not have a higher education in dance.
In his creative work, Ursel has been exposed to various physical disciplines, for example, in the 2017/2018 season with the Belgian theater company Troubleyn / Jan Fabre.

“I am curious and my movement knowledge is still in its infancy. Through various physical theater workshops and experiences, I have developed what is necessary and exciting for me. My desire is to combine movement and acting and I am constantly looking for a way to a complete body. Right now I’m afraid of the floor, can’t stand and just discovered where my hands are starting. So I invite you to explore with me. ”

Previous exposure to dance is not important in this workshop. Only interest and will is important!

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