The movement workshop “2 + 2 = 22 games” implies movement games that focus on analyzing rules, agreements and commands. Why do games have rules? Who gets to decide the rules of the game? In the workshop, you will learn to discover and create communication situations through movement and to test different possibilities of moving together. Attention and preparedness in a game situation are trained.

The workshop is suitable to illustrate a class lesson or to take a break during the school day.

The workshop is led by the United Dancers of Zuga, a collective of dancers and choreographers that was conceived in 1999 by the young active dancemakers Tiina Mölder, Kaja Kann and Jarmo Karing. Zuga is the only company in Estonia that has consistently and regularly been producing dance performances for children. For Zuga, children and adults are equal partners that share a world and a living space. Zuga’s performances have won theatre and dance awards, and they have toured in Estonia and abroad (Finland, the USA, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, the Netherlands, Palestine, Sweden, Russia, Romania, Croatia, Poland, England, China) with their performances.

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