This master class welcomes people who use body and movement in expressing their creative ideas and who are interested in discussion and feedback. It is meant for choreographers, dancers and performing artists. Maximum 12 people can participate. Every participant prepares a choreographical scene or piece for maximum 5 minutes to present at the class. Every presentation is followed by a discussion and the class will end with a guided improvisation.

The class is taught by Mai Murdmaa whose noticeable work as a dancer, director and ballet master in modernizing Estonina ballet and renewing the choreographical principles is well-known by several generations. As for class, Murdmaa says: “Being is the most important thing. I am interested in abstract dance and psychophysical. Narrative logics are not so important as the essential conflicts. Sense of space is important as well – not the fact that we are situated in a concrete place but rather the sense of macrocosm. Why am I dancing? Why am I moving?”

The participant gets ideas about how to keep the balance and wholeness of one’s body and mind and how to organize one’s creativity using interesting principles.