Corporeal-anatomical contact movement workshop is a meeting, where we share a goal of developing our body and mind. We study our own movement through sensing and feeling the movement of other participants. After the meeting we will be better in: sensing and using space; using our movement vocabulary; feeling our bodys weight; changing the center of gravity through miminal muscle work; usage of natural impulses from our bodies; sensing the movement from within and grasping a better feel of our inner space; finding harmony in usage of force and energy.
The teacher Raido Mägi is a dancer, choreographer and a teacher with great experience at Viljandi Culture Academy. Raido is a nominee of Gerd Neggo scholarship 2011.
Everybody over the age of 18 is welcome to join us. This workshop is ment for beginners, no previous experience in the field is expected.

STL offers intensive and practical workshops for people who wish to discover something new, find the creative element in their movement and improve their physical self-expression. The purpose of this course is to introduce different movement cultures, both in theory and in practice; exchange experiences; and finding new solutions – in order to give participants a momentum for the future growth.

Workshops take place once in a month, Saturdays at 11–15.

STL workshops are meant for beginners, no previous experience in the field is expected.