Sveta Grigorjeva and Jürgen Rooste: „Dance is a weapon, a way of thinking and a life style.”

Sveta Grigorjeva and Jürgen Rooste are our “house residents” for the seasons 2016/17 and 2017/18; they aim at making the STL an open creative house which provides equal opportunities for every artist who wishes to present an alternative way of thinking about being human and being creative to the wider audience.

STL’is house residents bring new ideas, activities and people into our house while being responsible for carrying out these activities.

About their agenda and program: “To achieve our aims we offer a concrete space for activities, a variety of meeting and creating formats, an educational programme outside the formal one and a support and a platform for media and PR. To do that we atart with the “Open space” project that enables (freelance) performanig and dance artists to find a place and time to develop their creative projects.

Sveta Grigorjeva
Sveta Grigorjeva (born 1988) is a choreographer and dance director, dancer, poetess, culture critic and a thai boxer to be. She has staged six shows so far; she was granted the Mait Agu Scholarship in 2011 and the Best Newcomer of the Year Award in 2012 (the PREMIERE-series) with her „sõp rus est”. She insists that her last performance, Carmina Trash, qualifies as a non-dance performance and she gave a kiss of life to Carmina who is now acting independently as a media observer and media critic. Grigorjeva has so far published one poetry book – „kes kardab sveta grigorjevat“/who is afraid of sveta grigorjeva (2013) – which was voted the best debut of the year by critics. She is driven by anger, anger is her creative engine.

Jürgen Rooste
Jürgen Rooste (born 1979) is a poet, culture critic, poetry promoter. He has published fifteen poetry books and many joint books written along with friends. He has been granted the award for the best poetry book of a year twice. Rooste used to lead Cabaret Interruptus, poetic cabaret; „Sugu M“/Gender M, directed by Rooste will premiere at the Vaba Lava in autumn 2016. He has worked with various musicians for many years, e.g. jazz and poetry nights with Siim Aimla. Rooste has worked as a teacher, journalist and promoter. His creative engine is melancholic blues, a gloomy storm.

The aim of the house residents is to develop STL into a visible and socially influential umbrella organization that would unite a large number of artists from different fields while participating actively in public discussions.