Tiina Sööt (EST/AUT) is active in the fields of performance, choreography and visual arts. Ioan Cernei (RO/AUT) is an artist and programmer with a focus on new media art and interaction design. Tiina and Ioan work together since 2013 combining the performative with the technological.
During the residency they work with their custom made device “Perfloor”. It is a computer controlled sensor system for dance floors, designed to be used as a performance tool. This device translates a performer’s natural interaction with the floor (applying pressure while stepping, jumping, rolling etc.) to sound patterns and melodies. By manipulating the device the choreography generates sound environment for itself. The sound and the performer enter a feedback loop – giving each other impulses to continue.
During the residency Sööt and Cernei explore the “Perfloor” tool without the goal of certain outcome of a performance or an installation. They are researching and experimenting with the possibilities of the tool and the possible choreographies to “play” on it.
Tiina Sööt is an artist, mostly focused on performative work. She is involved in an artist duo Sööt/Zeyringer with Dorothea Zeyringer since 2012, developing performative praxis on the edge of fine arts and dance. Their latest performance “lonely lonely” was awarded with the performing arts prize by Federal Chancellery of Austria. Recently Sööt developed a documentary performance “Real Women, Real Men and Real Others” at Vaba Lava in Tallinn together with Mai Sööt and Aet Kuusik.
Ioan Cernei is an artist active in the field of new media arts. His artistic practice lies at the intersections of data-driven software, natural interaction and anthropology. He has previously been a member of the Chemical Strawberry collective and part of the curator collective Expanderrr. His latest work “Embroidered Data” deals with creating a web interface for maintaining the Eastern European ethnographic embroidery tradition. This work will be shown at File Festival 2016 in Sao Paolo, Brazil. His previous work has been shown among others at MuseumsQuartier Vienna, Ars Electronica Linz, Lab30 Augsburg and Victoria Art Center Bucharest.

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