Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava is a partner for a two year project called Moving Digits: Augmented Dance for Engaged
Audience, where an international group of choreographers have researched digital technology, its dimensions in dance art and strategies involving the audience. Software specialists from the University of Applied Sciences Düsseldorf (Hochschule Düsseldorf, Germany) and the Portuguese Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI, Portugal) have developed prototypes in collaboration with these artists.


Activities and events in the project:

On 18th–19th February 2019 Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava hosted a workshop for initial ideas around movement, body sensing, visualization, sonification.
Second workshop was held on 17–20th June 2019 in Portugal, hosted by the Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI).
As a next step of MODI was an artistic residency on 5–16th of August 2019 in Tallinn, at STL, where 4 selected choreographers from previous workshops were asked to develop their ideas on the connections between dance and technology.
On 22nd–26th of October 2019 the third Moving Digits workshop took place in Düsseldorf, hosted by Hochschule Düsseldorf and tanzhaus nrw. In this workshop, the concepts developed by four artists during the Moving Digits artistic residency in August were further refined, and presented to an audience.

The last workshop with choreographers were held in 9th–13th March 2020 at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava to finalize the artistic projects. Unfortunately due to the state of emergency in Estonia the public showing on the 13th of March was cancelled.
On 25th of September 2020 an online seminar was held. Through technical and artistic presentations, the seminar offered an opportunity to discuss important topics related to dance and technology. It also aimed at sharing some key findings and reflections, as the project was coming to an end.