The open platform Greenfield is a regular event at Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava where artists from different fields (dance, theatre, performing arts, music, visual arts, poetry, etc.) can get acquainted to each other’s work, showcase their work and create a dialogue with other creators and audiences.


Greenfield on November 30th, 2021

This year’s Greenfield presents the artistic work of students from the Estonian Academy of Arts. Their curricular course, supervised by artist Henri Hütt, experiments with performative scores that are necessary or unnecessary for performing a performance.

“Scores, instructions…. Different composing options, creating and shifting instructions. From microtonality to non-anthropomorphism.”

Performative scores can be seen as artistic instructions that make the world a more spectacular place. The person following the instruction may perceive everyday reality as more unique. This guidance may not require a huge amount of resources, but may also be feasible as ideas.

The experiments carried out with EKA students have reached a format that invites other witnesses to Greenfield – to see how the group’s ideas survive in an alternative environment. It is a gathering with shorter, longer and longer performative instructions that last throughout the evening.

Audience participation may be required.

Responses may arrive later than expected.

The meeting of curiosity and attention will be decisive.

There are no embarrassing actions planned.

Rather, the main character of the evening is a score or instruction, and participants are the executors.

The question remains, would the score be ready without performing it?

Let’s find out and discuss on November 30th!

Participants: Karl Joonas Alamaa, Loora Kaubi, Anita Kremm, Lisette Sivard, Edvard Vellevoog, Emili Kelle, Tea Lemberpuu, Karmen Teesi Pregel, Elss Marta Raidmets, Ella Mari Roosi, Sirel Tammisto, Sabina Liselle Zahharov.

Initiator: Henri Hütt