The showing platform: Greenfield is a monthly event, an open platform organized by the Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava, where artists from various fields (dance, theatre, music, art, poetry etc.) can make a closer acquaintance with each other’s work, present their work in progress and find kindred spirits through conversations.

It is meant to provide a possibility for artists from different fields (dancers-performers-musicians-artists-poets etc) to see/hear each others’ work and interact. You can perform for about 0,1 to 10 minutes (it doesn’t have to be a full nor ready-made piece) and later on we will have a discussion and some wine and snacks. The idea is to make it happen, to get different fields mixed up and hopefully see some collaborations in the next years.

To take part in Greenfield send your project to Jürgen Rooste

Greenfield is curated by the house residents Sveta Grigorjeva and Jürgen Rooste.

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