BATTLEJÄMM is a battle that takes place for the third time and invites to experiment with the body, space and time. Battle is a confrontation in which dancers and performance artists enter the competition in different categories. Despite the popularity of dance battles in Estonia, rarely do contemporary dancers and artists from the performing art scene have the opportunity to test themselves in such format, listen to impulses in a certain time limit and experiment with them. Battlejämm creates an opportunity for them as well. In Battle format, we especially appreciate the fact that the participants do not have to prepare a certain material, find a space or production for themselves to enter the stage, but the given conditions for performance have been created by the organizers.

The categories represented are contemporary dance, happening performance and this time the surprise category is poledance.

In the category of contemporary dance, the dancer’s ability to use techniques typical of contemporary dance (contraction and release, floor technique, etc.), knowledge of music and ability to improvise in a varied manner are assessed.
Happening performance is a category where a balance is sought between ignorance and awareness, observing and using both external and internal impulses. In this category, we encourage participants to discover all the possibilities that exist in this space and time through their own bodies. Happening performance evaluates the performer’s stage presence, ability to surprise and influence the audience, place-specific playing and ingenuity to make contact between one’s body and sound. Although the main instrument of the participant is the body, dance technique is not necessary here. That’s why everyone who is interested in experimenting is welcome!

In the poledance category, the dancer’s partner is the post. The category evaluates the technical side of the dancer as well as the creative self-expression and versatility. What matters is not a certain style of post dance, but personality. You can come in training clothes and barefoot, as well as full on outfits and stileties. The post in use is x-stage 45mm in diameter.