PREMIERE is a series of dance debut performances presented by the Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava; each year two choreographers are picked out and given a chance to stage their first dance performance.​

This year a series for new choreographers, PREMIERE`17, brings two debuts to you – „Sünaps” by Keity Pook and „Imagine There´s A Fish“ by Sigrid Savi.

Keity Pook „Sünaps”

Keity’s work is a kind of installation, it’s visual, it’s a symbiosis of movement and sound. It provides us with a possibility to travel within the inner universe: all observant people can see their own microelements, the realm of neuro-network. Or maybe they detach themselves from their body and hover around in the mega-world.

I am a touch. I move through your sensory fibres as electric charge, 100 m/s. I move into the synapse from where the information is forwarded to the next neurons via electro-chemical signals. From the spinal cord you lead me up to your brain. There are at least 10¹² neurons there and one single neuron can be part of hundreds or thousands other synapses. That is an astronomical figure – there are 10¹¹ times two stars on the Milky Way galaxy, hence the Milky Way is pretty small – compared to human brain. Your brain is gigantic. Your brain makes conclusions and takes decisions – whether to send a signal to your muscles through your spinal cord and other motoric neurons so that you would move yourself. It’s up to you.

New nerve cells are created in a brain all the time, but some of them whither – body of a cell is still alive, but synapses are not initiated. Alas, many nerve cells have only two choices: to stay alive or to whiter and die.

Sigrid Savi “Imagine There´s A Fish

There is a room, a fish, a decorative aquarium, and in the middle of all that – a posh seeker. Just there.

Unawareness feeds the imagination and maybe we see a fish where it’s not or the way around. Still, every cheesy old truth has eaten its way into the mind, as always, every single one of them makes the soft and impressionable tissue stiffer and then a miracle happens – a human stone is crystallised. A monument made of silted thoughts takes form. A dried turd. That is a real pillar.

This is an expedition which drags itself to the safe unknown navigating on the autopilot.

Asking yourself romantically:

“What if the PACIFIC BLACKDRAGON never meets the BIG EYE TUNA?”