„Imagine There´s A Fish“ is a debut performance by Sigrid Savi priemered as a part of Sõltumatu Tantsu Lava young choreographers series PREMIERE February 9th 2017.

There is a room, a fish, a decorative aquarium, and in the middle of all that – a posh seeker. Just there.

Unawareness feeds the imagination and maybe we see a fish where it’s not or the way around. Still, every cheesy old truth has eaten its way into the mind, as always, every single one of them makes the soft and impressionable tissue stiffer and then a miracle happens – a human stone is crystallised. A monument made of silted thoughts takes form. A dried turd. That is a real pillar.

This is an expedition which drags itself to the safe unknown navigating on the autopilot.

Asking yourself romantically:

“What if the PACIFIC BLACKDRAGON never meets the BIG EYE TUNA?”

Media reviews:

“To me, Savi displays a commitment to her practice and the values that underpin it which is deeply admirable – sticking with the task, they attempt to complete the task long past the point at which it is clearly futile. Eventually they give it up, rip the carpet with their hands, as if the whole thing was a little pointless anyway. Moving with such idiocy, unafraid to collapse moments of hard work into pointless nothingness, Imagine There’s A Fish is a brilliant piece of work.”
Review: Estonia Now Triple Bill at the Tramway, Glasgow. Andrew Edwards. Nov 17th 2018. Exeunt Magazine

Tā, lai būtu skaidrs. Par “Premiere” uzvarētāju izrādēm ĢIT. Agnese Bordjukova. March 28th 2018. Dance.lv Zurnals

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