“mindStuff” is a show for lenient brats, open-minded tweens and their families by ZUGA United Dancers.

In a white, so white hall is a white and squeaky door
Behind that white squeaky door the dazzling light, bedazzling us
In that dazzling light a coat rack in the corner creaks
There hangs a coat, tucked in a sack
A scared little Lego-piece stowed away in the pocket
A pink handkerchief reaching its hand to it kindly
On the floor a white and very useful rug unrolls itself joyfully
Under the rug a cadaver, limp and loitering, is hiding
Flying near to the ceiling – a balloon, blushing and high on happiness
Its wish to hover and hover up there was granted

United dancers of ZUGA is a collective of dancers and choreographers that was created in year 1999 by then young and active dance-makers Tiina Mölder, Kaja Kann and Jarmo Karing. Throughout the years different artists have participated in the various adventurous performances of ZUGA. ZUGA loves the work process and takes it onto the stage enlivening the relation between performers and spectators. They are the only dance collective in Estonia creating regularly performances for a kids. Their performances have got many awards in dance and theatre field like and they have performed in Estonia and abroad (Finland, USA, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Nederland, Palestine, Sweden, Russia, Romenia, Croatia, Poland, Great Britain, China)
More about: www.zuga.ee

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