How to surrender oneself to be moved by someone else?
How to be moved by a thing rather by your own will?

In “Fluids” W A U H A U S creates a state of slipperiness on stage in which the human subject cannot fully control its own body. “Fluids” invites the audience to encounter empathy, intimacy, and failure in these times when individualism, perfectionism, and mistrust prevail in society.

One part strange spectacle on ice, one part slimy orgy. In “Fluids” the bodies are vulnerable, limited, and dissolve into each other.

“Fluids” is a first time collaboration, which was developed in collaboration with Estonian dancers Joanna Kalm (replaced by Karoline Suhhov from November 2019), Karolin Poska, Sigrid Savi, Joonas Tagel and Swedish actress Salla Loper (replaced by Keithy Kuuspu from November 2019).

W A U H A U S is a Helsinki-based arts collective, active in today’s performance field. The works of W A U H A U S take on many different forms, but are often centered around materiality, the body of the audience member, empathy, and strong audiovisual concepts.



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Telakka Open Border

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